Re: Prisoner's Dilemma and Primacy

Date: 2003-06-11 08:11 pm (UTC)
Hm, some interesting points you bring up. The post was meant more as a bit of theoretical exploration, as I've only dabbled in game theory myself. I didn't expect anyone to actually reply to this, and I appreciate the feedback, thanks!

However, there are definitely cases of triads where each shares equally in the relationship. Now, in response to your example, I say this:

Suppose I'm a single mother with two children, who within the same hour yadda yadda both need me badly. Who do I go take care of? I love both children equally and can't choose one above the other. So, whatever I do in that situation could be applied to having two primaries as well.

Your last paragraph is addressing the situation of one person being a primary for two other people. Now, it's theoretically possible that those two people don't need to be put before all others and are comfortable having a primary for whom they are not also a primary. After all, when one is single one has no such safety net, and as a secondary you can be above all others but one. This argument is more for the sake of being devil's advocate, as I realize there's a noteworthy difference between being single and devoting yourself to one person who doesn't return the sentiment, and I do agree being a primary for two people who aren't both your primary is indeed being greedy. "Poly/bi/switch -- I'm not indiscriminate, I'm just greedy."
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